Spiritual Journey

Each individual's journey is different but our outcomes are the same: greater self-awareness, faith in Source/Spirit/God, and unconditional love for ourselves and others. These are some books that may spark your curiosity and guide you on your journey.

Intuitive Gifts

Intuitive gifts are not unique to a select few - everyone has the ability to access higher consciousness and benefit from the beautiful gifts that accompany it. These are a few common "types" of intuitive gifts. You may feel pulled towards specific gifts or feel one is stronger than another but know we have the ability to access them all.

Healing + Past Life Regression

Learning about your past lives can help identify the origins of personal and inherited traumas that present themselves in your current life as relationship issues, fears, anxiety and other mental health issues, and physical ailments and diseases. Past life regression and healing should be done under the care of an experienced and certified hypnotherapist. Karen Glass, BS, CMT, CHT is an exceptionally gifted Somatic Healer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Medium, and Spiritual Coach. Learn more about Karen at www.karenglassmedium.com


Meditation is an essential part of every spiritual journey and awakening. Meditation encompasses a vast number of methodologies and practices; Any activity that helps you create stillness and silence in the chaos of your brain and helps relax your body is meditative, including the flow state achieved in creating art (in any medium including visual arts, dancing, and writing).