Self-Compassion + Watercolor Journaling

Self-compassion is a foundational component of healing. If we cannot have compassion for ourselves, we cannot have it for others and if we cannot have compassion for others, we create a deep and lonely separation. Separation feeds fear, fear feeds the ego and supports the unfounded and delusional projections of our experiences onto our relationships. 

This 4-week course couples the simple and fun art of watercolor journaling with the Buddhist meditation practices of Tonglen and Loving Kindness.

Tonglen is a compassionate meditative practice of giving and receiving through mindfulness. A beautiful process, Tonglen focuses on breathwork and grounding in the present moment and helps us prepare our focus and intentions.

Loving Kindness, also known as Metta, is a compassionate meditative practice of loving-kindness towards ourselves and others. We cannot give what we do not possess so cultivating loving-kindness for ourselves is as important as sharing this love with others.

Through this course, you will be introduced to basic drawing practices and watercolor techniques, providing the tools to help facilitate an introspective and peaceful adventure in creativity and self-compassion. 

This course is designed for adults. Contact me for more information on adaptive programs for middle and high school students.

Program Overview

Art Therapy Final Project

Program Details

Watercolor Journaling Self Compassion


The in-person course includes (4) 2-hour sessions at a private residence in the Los Gatos Mountains. Each session begins and ends with a channeled meditation based on Buddhist self-compassion practices and reflection. Instructional time includes watercolor journaling techniques and creation. The in-person option is a safe, friendly, and warm environment where you can share this journey alongside other like-minded Artists. The investment for the in-person course is $189. Class size is limited to 6. 

In-person classes will resume in 2024. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date!


This is a 4-week, live, virtual course. Each class is approximately 90 minutes of meditation/reflection, art instruction and creation. A list of supplies needed will be emailed to you. The virtual option offers an opportunity to begin this journey from a place that you feel most connected, alongside others across the world who share your curiosity for growth and art. The investment for the virtual course is $129. Class size is limited to 6. 

Winter 2023 (Registration Opens 10/1/23)

Location: via Zoom

Date/Time: Sundays 9:00AM-10:30AM PST/12:00PM-1:30PM EST

Registration is closed but Spring classes will be available soon. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date!


This offering includes a series of (4) 2-hour private sessions via Zoom. Each session includes a personalized, channeled, guided self-compassion meditation and energy healing as well as Art as Therapy Watercolor Journaling instruction and projects tailored to your artistic journey. Outcomes from this offering include a greater sense of self-compassion and compassion for others, increased self-confidence and artistic ability, and an introductory understanding of Buddhist self-compassion meditation practices. 

At the end of the 4-weeks, you will also have a beautiful watercolor journal to remind you of this transformative period. During our channeled meditations, we may be guided to help you meet Spirit Guides and your Higher Self, clear or align chakras, and read and heal energy. Investment for this 4-week course is $395

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